Stop Annoying Your Co-Workers

We all spend a lot of hours at work. Just like your real family, your work family may start to get on your last nerve.

Here are some examples of annoying habits or actions that I frequently get complaints about:

  1. Being loud and disruptive in a cubicle environment - tapping, loud gum chewing, whistling, singing. You get the point. Be quiet and courteous of your office mates.
  2. Cooking smelly food - Burned popcorn, fish, etc. Be aware that some people are very sensitive to smells and this may cause a headache.
  3. Excessive perfume or cologne - People have allergies and asthma that you can potentially set off. If you leave a scent trail as you walk down the hall or leave the elevator, you are wearing too much. A little goes a long way.
  4. Always showing up late to meetings or better yet, blowing them off all together. Because you are so busy and have so many other pressing issues. I know emergencies come up, but doing this on a routine basis is just disrespectful.
  5. Not responding to a co-worker in the hallway when they greet you. When did this trend start? Is it THAT much of an effort to say "hello" or "good morning?"
  6. Never using the words "please" or "thank you." Your co-workers and employees are not there to attend to your every need and take your orders. Be polite.
  7. Not making eye contact during a meeting and focusing solely on your laptop or phone. Give people the attention they deserve!
  8. Never throwing away empty containers in the break room. For example, someone brings in doughnuts in the morning. How thoughtful of them! Well, you take the last one but cannot be bothered to throw the box away. Apparently, there are little ninjas that come and clean up after you.
  9. Taking the last cup of coffee but not starting a new pot. This is especially annoying between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. when people desperately need their coffee to function! If you take the last cup, start the next brew. It takes about 30 seconds and you will make someone's day.
  10. Having "That's not my job" in your vocabulary and using the phrase often. We are all one team with one objective, so let's help each other out.
  11. Following your co-worker from the parking lot into their office or cubicle. Let them take their coat off, turn their computer on/log in, and settle from their commute for a minute before you bombard them with questions or needs.
    Can you think of any other annoying habits that I am missing? Join the conversation!